Madi and Mom

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Angel Sammy

This will be a poem to tell you how we came to blog
Today's post is brought to you by the letter


I Proudly wear this crown, I was not tricked.
It describes my furs which are quite lush and thick.
My furs require a brush now and then
Sometimes I give it little spit and a lick.
Mostly my furs are dark gray not black.
Once, a while back, it was said they were
Soft as Chinchilla by my vet tech.
I exclaimed WHAT in the heck....
Research revealed a Chinchilla
is a fancypants word for a rat which I am NOT. 
I am a smart cat I keep my furs to myself.
Not at all like that rat Chinchilla whom I discovered does not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kicks with Kits, Kritters and K9s K-oss

I am pleased as punch and a delighted Diva to announce that I
will be teaching everyone to kick up their heels at

There will be a class for all and all are invited to the classes.

If you can't dance, don't worry you will be an expert when you leave.
Here is a preview of some of the classes
My guy and my best beau
Raz will help me demonstrate a saucy samba

There will be classes in the Youth Room too.
Misty and Da Phenny a demonstrating  for this class

Now good buddies of all species and ages...if you would like to pawticipate in
one of my dance classes, ALL you have to do is please send me an very good HEAD shot 
by NO LATER  February 1, 2017!! 
Absolute deadlion!!!! So that we have time to get everything set up!!
Please send via email to 
please subject the email dance classes
and tell me the age of your pawticipant so I can get 
he/she in the right room.  If you have submitted a picture to Murphy and Stanley, you are all set; however,
if you haven't please send me a good head shot and a 
body shot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Ta(i)le

Since the big freeze of January 7th, I have been
trying to catch up on my sun puddle time.  It appears, one cannot make up for lost sun puddle time. 
When I found my sun puddle, my head 
was the only part of me in the tale....sadly my glorious
tail missed the entire tale...
Alas another day another time.

This is the tail end of this tale!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mooning with Madi

Fooled you!!
MOLMOL I hope you weren't expecting anything raunchy
this is a family blog you know!!

Wednesday night 1/11/17 the full moon (~6:30 pm with night landscape setting) was out of this world
left top as seen from my loo....then mom went snapping crazy as it rose.

While mom was madly snapping I watched it from 

Now friends if you think this gorgeous moon rising over Madi manor was
amazing keep on scrolling.
Mom was amazed to see yet another gorgeous moon
the very next night 1/12/17 (~6:30 pm night landscape setting but it was cloudy).
These are straight of of the camera all mom did was crop them and add the border.

you can see pinkish hues in this single photo

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Scout Merit Badges

I, Cat Scout Madi, am pleased to announce  our DenMaster
has created a merit badge than we kitties can literally do in our Sleep

Ta Da shrimping aka tucked tight in a ball like a shrimp while napping

Who knew getting a merit badge was as easy as taking a nap and dreaming?
Certainly not me!!

I earned a Trip Badge from Angel Sammy Travel Service for going to the North Pole

That was fun fun fun

And last but not least a very specific badge for the limber
Elevator Butt

Watch this short video right at the end my butt is elevated purrfectly

There you have it folks we Cat Scouts are a busy lot and work very hard for our badges
and will go to the very far corners of the world to earn them too.