Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Tour: Blog office

We'll friends it looks like we are about to have our 2nd Tuesday Tour.
I must admit I have baffled Mom about something. 
I used to love to sit on the old carpet in my blog office while basking in the sun puddles.

I love sitting on the hardwood floors downstairs in my dining room.
This is just one of the gazillion pics of me sitting on the dining room hardwood.

I really like sitting around on the new carpet too

For some reason unbeknownst to me, Mom or Dad
I will not place my diva self directly on the new floor in my blog office.
I will walk in the office.  I will sit in my tunnel.
Since the new flooring has been installed, I will sit just outside the office on the carpet.
Mom remembered she had a sample of the new carpet so she 
brought it into the blog office.  Now I will sit in there!!
Just not on the Armstrong wood like vinyl flooring.  Mom says it feels just like
hardwood and is not cold. She is clueless as to why I won't sit on it!
I won't even sit on the new flooring when my sun puddle is in there!!
So there you have folks Tour 2 is over nuttin' else in my blog office is new...just the floor.
If anyone has any ideas as to why I won't sit on the floor, you can leave them in the comments.

From atop an itty bitty sample of new carpet in my blog office it is
Madi signing off!!
PS mom says to tell you this new flooring is indestructible and easy peasy to clean it is also in 
Dad's train room.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Madi Moon Fog

The fog comes 
on little cat feet. 

It sits looking 
over harbor and city 
on silent haunches 
and then moves on.

Don't you just love that poem!!  We do!!
For those who have never been in a room as a cat enters...we are very very quiet
UNLESS we (me) are hungry and someone (TOGM) has not prepared our food.
PS crazy mom says the title of the post sounds like an Native American Indian Name
Madi Moon Fog.  MOL

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Easy like Sunday and Plates

First a bumper sticker on a Septic Truck
#1 is was spotted by Frankie and Ernie
1. TBIRD2 on a new Thunderbird
2. CLMZNTGR, Clemson (University's) mascot is a Tiger
4. HYTYDER, nickname of folks who are from the Outer Banks of NC
5. #1PURPLE,on East Carolina University plate colors are Purple and Gold
6. JACKSCAT, On a Cadillac?
7. JSTSYN, Just Saying
9. MAXWEDGE, on a 70's muscle car
10. LADIPI, Maybe she makes pies?
11. GR8POOLS, Great pools
12. CHATTY (mol Mom needs this one)
13. MINIWAGN, Mini wagon
14. IMGNTHT,Imagine that
15. TIGERE, Tiger or Tigger?
16. FROGTOES...wonder if there is a FrogLegs out there
17. PSTVPTBL, Positive Pit Bull
19. WBDWIFE, somebody's wife
20. V-MKT'01, no clue except it happened in 2001
21. OBIWAN1,
23. LILRDWGN, little red wagon
26. HAFLA!
28. SOLD
29. -RTO- on a Boy Scout vanity plate.  Must be a rank
30. ANGLCAKE, Angel Cake
31. FMLY, Family
32. 44PSU, Maybe 1944 grad of Penn State U
33. H20SPTS, Water sports
36. RRENGR, Railroad engineer
37. DOUGS C7, on a new Corvette
41. SPICY PA, Spicy Physicians assistant
42. BDEVIL, Duke University Blue devil fan
43. WUFPUP, N. C. State U mascot is a wolf
47. BIVG
49. A!R, Air (on a Scuba Diving vanity plate)
50. MANIFSTED, Manifested
51. FLWLESS, Flawless
52. XTRAPOL8, Extrapolate?

M O R E!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is....
Final  adj: last
Today is the final day of post mountain 

First it is my blog. Just so you don't forget
here is a photo of me basking in the sunpuddle
near my powder room
If you missed that tour, click powder room above.

As you can see September 15 was a gorgeous day in the NC Mountains
they clouds were really putting on a show too.

If you use your imagination and squint really hard you can see a
raptor (tiny black speck in the middle) in the photo

Pilot Mountain is to your right
the mountain range off in the distance is
The Sauratown Mountains, which are sometimes called "the mountains away from the mountains", they are an isolated mountain range located within Stokes and Surry counties North Carolina

Cheese factory in West Jefferson look at those moo cows

Retail Cheese Shop right across the street from the factory

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flower Friday and extra

 While the peeps were away last week they saw some purrty flowers

 Sunflowers standing proudly in West Jefferson

 Butterfly bush in their friend's backyard and a buttie pillar too!!
 Gorgeous mushrooms in their friend's yard
 Elephant ears in a planter in West Jefferson

They visited 
Pilot Mountain State park click on the link to read all about it.
The peeps have seen it from a distance for many years...this was their first visit

And as luck would have it the day they visited Park Rangers were having a....
and they were seeing all kinds of Hawks and other raptors
Mom loved all the shades of green she saw down in Yadkin Valley

Blooming peeps!!
Blooming Friends..Gary and Sally
Mom and Sally have been friends since they were 12 years old...
That was  55 years ago MOLMOLMOL
See that is why I call her TOGM

As you can see, it was a beautiful day at Pilot Mountain.....elevation was a tad over 2,241 feet

No blog post of mine is complete without a picture of the star